Tuesday, 5 May 2015

LearnUCS Stats: April 2015

Application Insight

Total Page Views1,255,934
Average Page Views Per DayNon course - 29,070

Course - 14,237
Most Active DateNon Course - 49,611- 28 April 2015

Course - 30,740 - 14 April 2015

Application Metrics

Total Monthly Logins35,470
Total Number of Courses9780
Total Number of Active Courses1765

We have had continued fall in the number of active module this month, this follows the trend of the end of semester 1, with staff and students no longer requiring access to those materials.

LearnUCS Mobile Statistics for 6 April 2015 to 5th May 2015

The stats below are use the built-in Blackboard mobile analytics, which uses the mobile service for the mobile application for its data.

Since April we have been using Google Analytics on our Blackboard installation, this does not take into account those users using the mobile app. An interesting stats that Google shows us is that the second most used operating system of those accessing the web platform is iOS, a mobile operating system with 15.97% of all access.

These stats below are for the Mobile Learn application only.

Total unique logins for the period was 553 with 3,458 logins.
iOS is still the most popular operating system for those devices by far.

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