Friday, 15 June 2012

Do you use wikis, blogs or podcasts in Wolsey? If yes, read this about LearnUCS (BUMP 5)

As you are aware we'll be upgrading to a new version of Blackboard (LearnUCS) at the start of August. As part of this upgrade we will be simplifying the way we provide and support Wikis, Blogs and Podcasts within your Blackboard courses. At the moment we support both the Blackboard and Learning Object tool sets. This is for historic reasons, including functionality.

However, given the improvements in the Blackboard wiki and blog tool set we will not be providing the Learning Object tools when we upgrade. This will reduce a potential confusion for users. The upgraded Blackboard wiki and blog tool sets will provide the ability to grade the work within the wiki and blog (as opposed to having to go into the gradebook), and we will be providing the paste from word feature. There are two pieces of functionality you will lose; the ability to push your posts out of the system via RSS feeds, the ability to use a blog or wiki outside of a course. However, if you need a personal reflective space, we would strongly recommend you contact the Elevate Team about using the Mahara e-Portfolio software.

So what should you do next? If you use these tools we suggest you contact the Elevate Team ( to arrange a 1-2-1 meeting to talk trough the opportunities the new version offers. We will be providing a number of video guides around the upgraded wiki and blog.


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