Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Gathering evidence in the Lab and uploading it into LearnUCS using Mobile LearnUCS

We (the Elevate team) are starting to author a number of FAQs around using Mobile LearnUCS (this is the mobile app supplied by Blackboard).

The following FAQ / Guide is tackling a request we have had from Staff who are using iPads in the Lab. A request is they occasionally collect evidence from lab sessions as photos or completed datasheets. Afterwards, these are made available in LearnUCS for all students to access. The question is, will the Mobile LearnUCS app reduce the workflow?

The answer is yes :-)

Mobile LearnUCS will allow you to add content from your Tablet. This can be as an item with an attachment. This can be a very useful tool. For instance, in the following example I have created a content area on my course (called iPad Examples) and within this area I created a content folder called Photo Evidence: Experiment 1. The intention is to upload all the photos for Experiment 1 into this folder.

The following screen shot illustrates the approach. I navigate to the correct folder (iPad Examples >> Photo Evidence: Experiment 1), and click Add Content.

A new window will open, which allows you to add the subject, the text, and (click on attachment) a photo (live capture of still image or video), a photo from the local collect, or an document from Dropbox.

Therefore, if you want to share experimental results / data or outcomes of class discussions you could create a spreadsheet or doc on the iPad, enter the data, upload to your Dropbox account, and then upload into LearnUCS using the Mobile LearnUCS app.


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