Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Good morning ... Swansea University: Desktop conferencing at UCS

Did you know you we have desktop conference software so you can present virtually to groups or invite others into your teaching session?

I think there offer significant learning opportunities from bringing external voices into the classroom. Imagine the benefits to your students of inviting an external expert into your teaching session to answer questions or share their experiences and ideas. This can be effectively achieved through the use of desktop conferencing tools, and you are supported through the process by the Elevate Team.

An recent example is Prof David Gill (School of Arts & Humanities) used the GoTo Meeting software in W407 to lecture to a 2nd year undergraduate course at the Swansea University. His presentation was based around a slide show and he was presenting to a lecture room at the University. A key challenge with this delivery was how to encourage student participation? The GoTo Meeting software allows microphones, so a person could act as the facilitator. However, this acts a potential barrier. We overcame this through including a text wall. Where any participant can submit a question to the presenter via a sms txt message, twitter or an online form. In our case David Gill simply read the questions as they appeared (see image).

If you'd like to talk through how you might use GoTo Meeting and Poll Everywhere to enhance your teaching, please email the Elevate Team (elevate@ucs.ac.uk)






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