Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What tasks (digital literacy) would you like to be able to do?

The three teams within Learning Resources (Elevate, Learning Development and the Library) are redesigning their staff and student support package in line with the changing and growing needs of staff and students. The new approach will be based on problems or common scenarios which people encounter and would like help. For instance,

  • how can I design an effective poster for an assignment or conference?

  • how do I include multimedia in my presentations, reports and learning materials, and what should I consider when doing this?

  • what are the possibilities of enhancing my teaching and assessment through the use of classroom technologies?

  • how can I stay informed within my subject discipline? Harnessing Library searching and social media tools

The new workshop programme will replace the e-Skills programme which is currently available to staff.

We are keen to ensure we focus our workshop activities appropriately, therefore, it would be really useful to gather your needs, problems and common scenarios you face at work. We would really appreciate if members of staff at UCS would take 5 minutes to complete the following survey:



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