Friday, 17 May 2013

Enabling you to be an effective resident in a digital world

UCS (via the Elevate Team) hosted the JISC RSC Eastern e-Learning Forum on Friday 17th May. This had representatives from all over the Eastern Region and across educational sectors. There were a number of presentations, one of particular interest was the new version of Xerte. This is important as it's one of the key technologies within the Elevate Team's Technology Landscape. The new version is mobile friendly, and offers lots of potential for designing and implementing small mobile learning activities to deliver to various CPD markets, and well as integrate within LearnUCS.

I presented on how UCS is planning to develop digital literacies within staff and students to ensure individuals become more effective residents in a digital world. If you'd like a glimpse of the new focus for staff and student support and development from September 2013 onwards, see

It was useful to expose our ideas to the group as they feedback on the types of staff and students, some motivational considerations and the relationship between the various components to make a meaningful learning pathway.


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