Monday, 24 February 2014

Online webinars on using Clickers in Teaching and Learning

An increasing number of people at UCS are using clickers in their teaching, and the Elevate Team are working with course teams on developing more effective learning designs which combine clickers (face to face teaching) and online (LearnUCS).

For instance, a learning design might be at the end of a set of lectures around a key theme, the lecturer would like to assess the level of understanding within the class. However, the lecturer is keen this isn't simply them providing a number of questions. One potential solution is;

  • Create Groups in LearnUCS, with Group wiki tool
  • Auto enrol 4 students in each group
  • Each Group must write two MCQs. This must include 5 answer options, the correct answer marked, why the correct answer is correct and why the group thinks it is a good question
  • Select 5 questions across all the groups
  • Group activity - one clicker amongst three students
Post Session
  • Upload saved powerpoint to LearnUCS
  • Create a quiz using the unused questions
There are a large number of different opportunities for you to use Clickers in your Teaching and Learning Models.

We are pleased to say, the company who develop the clickers (TurningPoint Technologies) are running a number of online support and development webinars during 3rd and 7th March. See the link below, and note ... at UCS we use the Powerpoint Polling option.
We'd encourage you to attend one of the above sessions, and if you have any questions, please contact the Elevate Team and we'll help embed this within your teaching.

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