Thursday, 27 November 2014

UCS Email Update

The message below is from the IT Services team:

UCS Email Service - Preserving Email on Mobile Devices
Nov 27 2014 9:00AM by Robert Blackett

When we enable the recovered email system cached emails, stored on your mobile device, will be wiped and replaced with the newest contents of your inbox.
You are able to preserve some but not all of these cached emails if the following are enabled:
  • You have a UCS email account configured on your mobile device.
  • You have a second private email account configured on the same device.
  • You forward emails from the UCS account to your private account. - NB: emails with attachments, or embedded links may not be fowardable, due to device limitations.
  • If you have a UCS and private account configured on your mobile, we are happy to assist you in the Infozone.
A further announcement will be put out in the next few hours, about the state of the recovery process.
To re-emphasize the first paragraph: once we re-enable the email service you will lose all cached email on your mobile devices.

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