Wednesday, 1 April 2015

UCS "wide" e-learning catch up: April 2015

We are inviting those at UCS who have a named e-learning responsibility within their job descriptions to a monthly coffee catch up. The idea behind this is to help people connect with each other, share ideas and collectively ask and answer questions.

We had our first coffee catch up today, and the conversation quickly got onto using Virtual Reality within teaching and learning, especially Oculus Rift, which is being explored by Dept of Science and Technology.

A few things struck me during the conversation (which I kind of followed); (1) there seemed to be lots of interest, a very lively discussion and the cross fertilisation of ideas (so the collective approach is working) and (2) given the varied skills and background in the room there is definitely an opportunity for a development sprint over the summer.

If you have named responsibility within your job responsibility at UCS, please contact me if you'd like to be invited to these monthly catch ups.

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