Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Extending the Exhibition Space #QRCodes

Following on from the "Extending the Exhibition beyond the Physical Space" post, to show that the very short notice (2 days), proof of concept project actually worked we have had a look at the statistics from the event.

We created a number of QR Codes for the event, these were all placed in the printed catalogue due to the short nature of the Elevate Team's involvement.  The codes that were used for the event were:

  1. All of the artist's contact details

  2. The online catalogue

  3. The 2011 Gallery events listing

  4. The UCS School of Arts & Humanities website

  5. The Ipswich and Colchester Museums

Total number of scans for each QR Code was as follows:

  1. 8

  2. 1

  3. 14

  4. 3

  5. 7

As you can see we had 33 scans of the QR Codes, removing the scans that were done prior to the event for testing, gives us 24 scans.  Below you will see the statistics for the 2011 Gallery listings code, (clicking the image will make the picture larger) this shows when the scans of the code were made, as you can see, this QR Code is still being scanned until very recently.

QR Code Statistics

Even though these numbers appear small, we are very pleased and happy for a number of reasons:

  • Our involvement was for a very short period of time

  • The numbers of people at the event were small

  • We have been able to view/track numbers of scans for each QR Code generated

  • Our proof of concept project worked

After this success the Elevate Team are looking to move this proof of concept forward, with the use of its newly designed QRTour Generator.  We are also working with our Estates department, they are looking to "give the building a voice".  The landmark Waterfront building at UCS has a number of areas that Estates would like to allow students/members of the public to be more aware of, we will be looking at locating a number of QR Codes around the building, allowing users to scan the codes and listen to more information.


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