Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ready for the Annual Rollover

The Wolsey Summer Plan is progressing well, we are on schedule to have everything completed for the deadline of Monday 1st August.

Tomorrow, Friday 29th will see us start the process of importing all new 2011/12 moules in to Wolsey, we will then run the final process of the staff enrolment rollover, automatically adding lecturers to their new modules.  We have some new challenges this year as we are losing the Content Collection later in the year, we are making this document store read-only from Monday, saving any new modules from being populated with Content Collection items.

We have so far managed to train half of the Course Admin Team, the others are booked in for 4th August, to allow us to complete the Wolsey Devolution of administrative tasks.  This training allows Course Admin Teams to manage the enrolments on the module that they administer.  This in turn allows them to dip in and out to add announcements rather than being enrolled on hundreds of modules.

We have also created new forms allowing easy management of staff enrolments on different modules, as well creating a new read-only view of the Custom Course database, allowing Course Admin teams to search the database for course IDs.

I will update more on Monday :-)


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