Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Multimedia creation and support at UCS

We've been pushing the creation of video and audio for feedback and other educational benefits at various events at UCS recently, and we get lots of questions about "how do I do it". The following starts to unpack the different approaches in terms of what you might use, and the level of support. If you have any questions, please contact the Elevate Team (

Group (round table) Audio: Creation and Editing

Video / Film Work

  • Mic >> lapel, table or directional based from Camera

  • Hardware >> Camera, Tripod from Arts (History) organised via the Elevate Team

  • Software >> Edited using iMovie by Elevate Team

  • Room >> Recommend .. iLab

  • Support >> Support Level 1 (design, record and edit): Elevate Team

  • Online Support >> n/a

Lecture Recording / Talk Over Powerpoint

  • Mic >> Lapel, UCS Mic (purchase your own, advice from Elevate and IT Helpdesk)

  • Hardware >> UCS PC, Visualisers and Sympodium (if appropriate)

  • Software >> Debut Screen Recorder & Video Editor

  • Room >> Any

  • Support >> Support Level 2 (advice): Elevate Team

  • Online Support >> FAQs (


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