Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Using iPad apps in teaching and learning: App Reviews

The Elevate Team have spent lots of time looking into the potential of the iPad for different learning and teaching contexts, and we are getting lots of interested parties asking us challenging questions. therefore, to help the dialogue and share the ideas we've created an Apps Review forum on our Blog (

This is intended to allow people to add a review of an iPad app, and read / comment on others. The hope is people will describe the app within a learning and teaching context.

This will not be a definitive list, but might be a good starting point :-)

Also, please add apps for other devices, ie., andriods etc.,

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  1. This is a great idea to find out the most useful and productive apps , glad to see android in there as well .

    I like the QR codes as well , I had them on my blog for a while but took them off , do you know of any way to track QR code usage ?

    Thanks ;)