Monday, 27 June 2011

- An Update - Feedback in Gradebook Assigned to Incorrect Students

Further to this post in December we have now managed to replicate the problem and screen capture it happening, which we have now sent to Blackboard.

The Cause: When a lecturer submits feedback for a number of students and then decides to check that the correct feedback has been added, they are clicking the "Submit" button again when navigating away from the screen, this is making SafeAssign resubmit the last file uploaded and therefore overwriting the previously uploaded feedback.

Status: Open – Reported to Blackboard, Blackboard are investigating.

Fix: Currently there is no fix

Work-around: The easy work-aroud, after uploading feedback and returning to the screen to check the correct feedback is there Do not click "submit" to leave the page, instead click "Gradebook" either in the left control panel menu or in the breadcrumbs.

Click here to view the screen capture and see the issue happening.

We will report back here once we hear back from Blackboard.

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