Monday, 27 June 2011

Out and about: Andy at the Heads of e-Learning Forum

I facilitated the Heads of e-Learning Forum event in Wolverhampton this week, which focussed on the theme of the impact of e-learning teams on the student learning experience.

The three things I took from this are: get the report and slides for the HEFCE Student perceptions of technology report. This was very interesting in terms of highlighting the perception from students that they and staff need more development around the effective and appropriate use of technology in learning (

There are lots of concerns about the interpretation of the report, especially the quantitative data. However, the "what are the NUS doing with this, interns of national policy" is quite interesting and I need to talk to our SU about this.

There was lots of discussion around trying to quantify our impact, I've been struggling. For years with this, and it was nice to see I'm in the majority to focus on stories, and shifting the agenda to ... We facilitate staff to enhance their teaching through technology, therefore, they have the direct impact on the student learning experience, and we should be building stories around our impact on staff. I would also suggest a role is you help staff evaluate the impact on the student learning experience of their initiatives.

Finally, I need to get an answer from people at UCS about the what following ....

How do we interpret the term digital literacy? Who is responsible or championing digital literacy awareness, training and development at UCS?

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