Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Visual Browsing, Interactive Posters and Publicity Material #aurasma

It has been an interesting few weeks regarding visual browsing and augmented reality at UCS.   The Elevate Team have been experimenting with the Aurasma app, as shown in previous posts.

We have been looking at using the visual browsing tool to create interactive posters, bring them to life.  We have now got a number of members of staff really interest and we will soon be working on a conference poster for a midwifery lecturer.

It is really positive to see staff interested in this 'new' technology and how we can support their use.  I will report back here once we have the poster as a working prototype, to show how it works.

More good news is that our Marketing department have really jumped onboard with the use of visual browsing and the next UCS Undergraduate publication, last week we had a team in filming around campus, filming interviews with staff and students as well as a number of locations/services.  These videos will be tagged against the new publication and when prospective students hold their smartphone/tablet over pages of the publication, those pages will come to life showing the videos.

[caption id="attachment_4094" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Skinned App Application awaiting approval"]Aurasma Developer Studio[/caption]

Today we have applied for our skinned app from Aurasma, this means that we will submit a UCS app called "UCS Connect" to both the Apple App Store and the Android Market Place.  Aurasma will skin their own app free of charge and then allow you to submit this.

All you need is an Aurasma Development Studio Account and an iOS Developer Account to allow you to submit the app to the App Store.

The service from Aurasma has been fantastic and I would highly recommend them if anyone is wanting to look at Visual Browsing/Augmented Reality.

Once we have the app submitted and available I will upload a video showing how the Undergraduate publication comes to life.

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