Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Using QR Codes in Higher Education

I was recently an invited speaker at a Higher Education Academy sponsored workshop run by a team at Bournemouth University (a big thank you to David Hopkins – I was there to share our experiences of QR Code based location aware learning activities, and talk through some of the developments at UCS.

The event blurb is available from:

There were a couple of points to transfer back to our practice at UCS.

Firstly, the Business School at Bournemouth University developed a Toolkit for creating, embedding, and monitoring the use of QR Codes. I’ll happily share this with people at UCS, and give this a slight UCS lens, ie., the way we can further support you. For a copy of the toolkit, please email.

Secondly, why not give UniTag ( a try to generate QR Codes which are more visually striking QR Codes (different colours, designs, inclusion of images etc.,)

The session slides from me are linked below:

If you have any questions or thoughts about how you might use QR Codes within your teaching, learning and assessment then please email the Elevate Team.

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