Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Interactive Poster Prototype #UCSConnect #aurasma

The Elevate Team have been working with Sam Chenery-Morris, a lecturer within the School of Nursing and Midwifery.  Sam is presenting a poster at the RCN Education Forum Conference titled "Evaluating Midwifery Practice ".

The Elevate picked up on this poster during a chat with Sam as part of the "Learning Technologist for a day" model, where one of the team is based within the School of Nursing and Midwifery.  Sam has designed the poster and we thought it would be a good test to see how well we could embed some digital material into the printed poster.  Sam had some audio material that had been recorded with the students, so we set about creating the "auras" that would trigger the audio files using the Aurasma Development Studio.

As I type this we are awaiting approval of our UCS Connect app, a re-skinned version of the Aurasma app, as mentioned here.  The way Aurasma works means we are able to access our own content via their "Aurasma Lite" app, if that app is subscribed to one of our UCS channels.

To improve the experience of the audio we quickly added some images and some key text/subtitles thoughout the audio.  The "auras" are much more impressive if images/video is used.

Below is an image showing Sam's poster, including David to give a sense of scale :-)

Interactive Poster Prototype

We have used images that Sam had already added to her poster as triggers, these are the images that the mobile device will recognise and then complete the action that we have developed.  We have used the Aurasma icon to identify the images that have an action associated with it, as well as a small guide showing what to do in the bottom right of the poster.

You will see in the image below, that we have also included QR Codes to the same video content, these just link to the video in Youtube, this gives alternative access to the video content, for users without the app.

Showing the QR Code

Normally we would also include a short url giving another route to the material, but we chose this time to not include that manual route, just to see how users would interact with the poster.  Below you will see David demonstrating the poster using an Android device, this application is available to both iOS and Android devices.


You will notice on the second "aura" that David is able to double tap the screen to make the video play in fullscreen mode, meaning that the device can be moved away for the poster, especially helpful when the digital content is a few minutes in length.

Apologies for the audio quality in the video as it was recorded in an open plan office, and the speaker on the Asus Transformers isn't the best.

We really are starting to see a buzz around this work, only today our Office of Research and Enterprise and shown an interest in working with us.  And we mustn't forget the UCS 2013 Undergraduate Publication that will have "auras" embedded within it, a sneaky peak of a page can be seen below:


The Elevate Team will be running a workshop on Interactive Posters at the next JISC RSC Eastern e-Fair.

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