Thursday, 2 February 2012

How've Elevate been helping staff at UCS in Jan 2012?

A question I’m often asked is … so, how have the Elevate Team been helping staff at UCS to design, develop and deliver technology enhanced teaching and learning opportunities? So the following should highlight a few approaches, and I challenge to contact the Elevate Team to see how we could help you employ these in your teaching.


Andy has been working with a number of staff across UCS on the use of the Optical Mark Reader software for multiple choice exams. The lecturers have wanted to run summative MCQ exams for students. The approach is we use the OMR, the discipline expert writes the questions, we create the exam answer sheets, the students complete the paper, we scan them and send the lecturer the results as a CSV file. We supported Dr Kulbir Singh Birak roll out a 60 question exam for 93 students, all went smoothly.

This could be perfect for also running small but regular tests through a semester where you get track student understanding of key concepts as the course developments.


Aaron has been working with Rachel Heathershaw in Nursery & Midwifery to help design and support the e-conference. The e-conference covered three days of activities including accessing pre-recorded presentations, and a real time video conference for a panel discussion, an online form was used to capture the evaluation feedback.

The software included GoTo Meeting, Google Sites, Google Forms, Debut Video Recorder and YouTube. All of these are available to you use.

We also provided advice around how you might design the learning activities to enhance effectiveness.

Capturing the student experience

David has been working with Allison Boggis to record student voices for e-Feedback using basic network software called Audacity.

Meanwhile, the team have been working with a number of staff in course teams, including the course administrators to identify how to enhance the quality of their e-feedback processes to students. This has included process review on how to most efficiently transfer student work for marking and exploring how we could enhance the e-feedback experience for staff. This uses media tablets to challenge the way staff create electronic feedback, both text and multimedia.

So, the challenge is set for you … how can the Elevate Team help you enhance the learning experience through using appropriate technologies? Please contact us to arrange a discussion.

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