Thursday, 9 February 2012

Creating your presentation on the iPad (Keynote)

Based on a train trip home, and watching over someones shoulder as they create a presentation on the iPad using keynote, I thought, I should really try this, why am I creating on a desktop, and uploading to dropbox when I could use my iPad?

The Elevate Team were recently invited to talk at a Suffok Digital event around what we are up to with QR Codes ( Hence, I needed to create a presentation to cover this 10 minute session. Although I didn't use it on the day, as I used a flip chart, some of my thoughts are below;

The presentation is available from:

As you can see, it includes all the general requirements for a presentation;

  • text, images, links

It was very easy to author through the Keynote on the iPad. For screenshots, and web images I simply screen grabbed on the iPad (on/off and navigation square), and edited on my iPad using the Chop Suey HD App.

The only disappointment is the difficulty of displaying video on the iPad, for instance, I was very keen to include the following YouTube Video. This could not be embedded in my presentation, so I'd need to bookmark it in my YouTube App and present through this, so toggling between apps in a presentation - what could go wrong :-)

The other drawback is, it will not allow you (or if it does, I've missed it) to upload to Dropbox from my KeyNote app. So I am having to email it to myself to get hold of the file to upload !!

That aside, I enjoyed it, so I've another couple of workshops next week so I'll create and present from my iPad, using my iPod as a remote control.

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