Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Students embracing Web 2 Social tools for Learning

Just a small post to mention more good feedback regarding our (Elevate) Student Induction sessions, the session has been rolled out this year to try and empower students to think about some web 2 tools and how they could use them for their studies. The big hitters that always come up in the sessions are Twitter and the use of Google Docs for collaborative group work, although sometimes we do go into the use of Diigo for social bookmarking and Wordpress for reflective blogging. The use of Clickers or audience response system lets the students in the session decide what we put the emphasis on.

Although it has been hard to judge any sort of uptake for Google Docs, Twitter has been great in the fact after our sessions, we are getting students follow not only ourselves but the Elevate Twitter as well.

Here are a couple of examples from our/their public Twitter accounts:

At one session, the students were so enthusiastic asking so many questions that the session ran into their coffee break!

We had multiple students add us on Twitter..

We do have more in depth feedback from a student who after attending one of our sessions, embraced the use of Twitter as a Personal Learning Network. You can read the students here -->

We'll be using this feedback to help inform the role of the Elevate Team with respect to digital literacies at UCS.

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