Friday, 2 March 2012

Release of #UCSConnect in the App Store #aurasma

UCS Connect, the visual browsing application reskinned from the Aurasma Lite app has now been approved and is a avilable for download from the app store.

Shown below is the app in the app store via an iPhone, UCS Connect is also available via the Android Market Place for users with Android devices.

UCS Connect in App Store

The app has been released to allow us to take advantage of the Aurasma Platform, allowing the new 2013 Undergraduate Publication to have video content embedded in the printed publication.  As well has the Undergrad Publication the Elevate Team are using the app/platform to assist in the dissemination of other projects/findings.

Recently we supported the production of a conference poster, allowing the academic member of staff to embed the audio files from student interviews in to the printed poster.  The poster and views of the author can be found here and here.

There is great interest for this application of bringing the physical and virtual worlds together, both from a marketing/promotional aspect and the teaching and learning.

The Elevate Team are going to be looking at how we can make this more of sustainable technology, currently it is quite niche, although getting lots of interest.  We will be working on a "Getting Started" guide to using and creating "auras", the name given to the digital interaction.  Currently we are running all of our developments through one developer account with Aurasma, we will speaking to their Partners Manager to see if there are options for allowing this development to grow sustainably.

The Elevate Team are also running a workshop on interactive posters and we will be sharing our developments with this technology.

The 2013 Undergraduate Publication is officially released on Monday and due to the nature of the technology used, the launch will supported by a press release, describing this as the first UK Institution to augment a prospectus with the Aurasma technlogy.


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