Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Smarter Lectures – making learning happen in large-group settings

Did you know ... about the forth coming workshop >>> Wednesday 2 May 2102, 9:30-12:30, W413 UCS Waterfront Building

It is well established that just sitting in traditional lectures is not the best way for students to achieve high learning payoff. This workshop will explore how we can refresh the teaching approaches we use in large-group contexts, to maximise students’ learning then and there, rather than merely hope that they will go away and learn later from our handouts and their notes.

We will look creatively at what we can get students to do even in crowded lecture theatres or large classrooms, to keep them learning actively. We will also look at how to address the physical constraints of the learning environment in lecture theatres or large classrooms, and how we can get students to work participatively even in large groups. We will analyse some of the most prevalent problems we have when working with large groups, and seek creative solutions to the most common of these problems.

For more information, contact Rik Bond, in HR (Corporate Development)

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