Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Using an iPad with iAnnotate for e-feedback - proof of concept study shows promise

Over the 2011/12 academic year, the Elevate Team have been working with School of Science Technology & Health, and Academic Services to explore the use of media tablets (mainly iPads) with staff.

The small scale pilot focused on identifying the role of the Media Tablet (mainly iPad) in enhancing current practice around e-feedback. The initial pilot explores identifying appropriate processes in the management of e-submission, e-feedback and e-return, and if the hardware and software are fit for purpose.

The findings would suggest with appropriate support, and well defined processes this technology offers exciting potential for enhancing the e-feedback and e-return process. Therefore, the key recommendations are to widen the pilot study from the current proof of concept stage.

The full report is available from:

If you would like to discuss the opportunities of technology to enhance your feedback processes, please email the Elevate Team at