Friday, 25 May 2012

LearnUCS: Staff webinar series to get you started (BUMP Announcement 4)

The Elevate Team will be running a number of short (20 minute) webinars for teaching staff at UCS designed to help them get started with the new software. These sessions will cover both the efficiency gains and the learning and teaching enhancements offered by the new system. We'll also cover an update on timings and what you need to do.

For instance, we'll illustrate how the new system offers efficiency gains for creating seminar sign up sheets which will automatically create groups with set tool functionality. Therefore, if you wanted students to work collaboratively in small groups on a presentation or report, where you want to see both the product and process of their work, the multiple sign up list would be good for you. The embedded video illustrates how simple it is to use.



  • The dates & times of the webinars are as follows:

    • 11th June 10.00 to 10.20

    • 13th June 2.00 to 2.30

    • 14th June 11.30 to 11.50

  • To sign up please email

  • You will need an internet web browser and headset

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