Thursday, 17 May 2012

Location Aware Workshop for JISC RSC Eastern

I'm just following up on the location aware learning activity workshop we (Elevate Team) at UCS ran with the JISC RSC Eastern on 9th May.

This all day workshop involved using low threshold applications, QR Codes and Augmented Reality (Aurasma) to develop a set of location aware learning activities. It was pitched at the begineer level, so included lots of activities around what is the technology and hands on exposure for participants to actually use it. This also involved using the Quickmark QR Code, Aurasma, & Comic Life apps on the iPads to do all the work (not a networked PC or laptop in site).

The workshop was over subscribed, and based on the twitter comments, seemed to be very well received:

9 May Tracey Tutt ‏@traceytutt: Brilliant day thanks to @andyramsden @iAaronBurrell @thedavidmullett #UCSAUG augmented reality at UCS today @rsceastern fantastic!
9 May Kerry Hine ‏@KerryHine1: Absolutely amazed - created a basic poster with 2 video links using Aurasma in 10 minutes #UCSAUG @daveghunt
9 May JISC RSC Eastern ‏@rsceastern - #UCSAUG some creative uses of Aurasma Augmented reality app for showcasing good and bad presentation skills. @rsceastern
9 May andyjb ‏@andyjb: arron of ucs has just put me onto @aurasma worth a look #ucsaug
9 May JISC RSC Eastern ‏@rsceastern: How to make a perfect cup of learning poster using QR codes and Comic Touch #UCSAUG @rsceastern

The material we used included:

The presentation:

Aurasma Examples

As a follow up to the workshop we'll be releasing our documentation around how we've deployed Aurasma Augmented Reality Visual Browser, and we'll hopefully being running the workshop with JISC RSC Eastern support at other HE/FE institutions within the region.



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