Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Monitoring the Elevate Team initiatives mapped to UCS Learning and Teaching Strategy Priorities 2013-14

An action at a recent Learning, Teaching and Assessment Group meeting was to outline the monitoring framework for how the Elevate Team priorities and initiatives meet the broader UCS Learning and Teaching Strategy priorities for 2013-14.

The monitoring framework will involve;

  1. Annual reports of Elevate services and tools
  2. Ongoing evaluation through the collection and dissemination of staff stories

The mapping of the Elevate Team's priorities mapped to the UCS Learning & Teaching Strategy priorities for 2013/14 are as follows;

To expand the deployment of technology facilitated teaching and learning strategies across the institution (L&T Strategy Priority 1 for 2013)

  1. Closer work with course teams and others during the early stages of the validation process
  2. Provision of course team specific workshops and team based developmental activities

To promote staff engagement with CPD opportunities and the Professional Standards Framework, including the expansion and enhancement of the use of peer observation (L&T Strategy Priority 3 for 2013)

  1. Promote awareness of external workshops and courses provided face to face and online
  2. Encourage staff at UCS to complete the CMALT process

To encourage the development and deployment of innovative assessment and feedback strategies (L&T Strategy Priority 5 for 2013)

The staff development programme will offer a mixed model of tools, based on the principles of good feedback (Nicol & MacFarlane-Dick) and the Flipped Classroom

This will include the promotion of evidence based successful deployments of the following;

  1. Inline grading, peer assessment and discussion boards in LearnUCS
  2. Objective testing using the FormReturn OMR software
  3. Classroom based strategies using Clickers and Poll Everywhere
  4. Reflective learning using Mahara
  5. Tablet and mobile based technologies

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