Tuesday, 10 September 2013

What has happened to the clicker (turningpoint) software? It looks different depending on the computer !!

As you might be aware IT Services have a project up upgrade to Windows 7. This means the look and feel of the software on those computers is different from those which have not yet to be upgraded. At the same time the Clicker (TurningPoint) software is being upgraded to the latest version. This new version makes authoring and managing interactive questions in Powerpoint much easier, and allows simpler inclusion of image questions. I'd suggest watching the following videos to as an induction (available from http://www.turningtechnologies.com/tutorials);

  • Before the presentation
  • During the presentation
  • After the presentation

However, in the short term (as the Window 7 upgrade is rolled out) you may need to use both versions depending on where you lecturer. The only anxiety is when you first open your Clicker based PowerPoint in the Windows 7 version it will state,

"This presentation was created using Turningpoint 2008 once converted, it will no longer work with the older program"

At this stage you can either continue to import it, or create a new copy using a different file name and open that version. From testing we have found the if you import into the latest version, and you've used the simplest functionality (generic and priority slides, with no correct answering scoring etc.,) you will be able to open and run the clickers also in the previous version.

If you'd like assistance on the new version, or saving multiple copies please email elevate@ucs.ac.uk.

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