Friday, 6 December 2013

Wondering about a course design which joins up the face to face and online learning spaces?

Have you been pondering about how you might use the Clickers? or how you might use clickers and LearnUCS? or why do you need to write all the MCQ questions?

If yes to any of the above you might enjoy reading the linked article by Barry Ryan.

Ryan, B (2013) Line up, line up: using technology to align and enhance peer learning and assessment in a student centred foundation organic chemistry module (

The case study walks through the why and the how they applied a range of learning technologies to enhance their module. The article is particularly accessible as it provides tangible ideas and advice around technologies which are available at UCS, and provides additional support to the flipped classroom.

After reading it, if you are wondering how you might design and implement similar ideas within your course at UCS, simply email the Elevate Team (

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