Friday, 24 January 2014

eStream - The UCS Video Streaming Solution

UCS uses the eStream solution from Planet PC to offer a video streaming service.

Use of eStream is starting to pick up amongst staff, so we thought it would be a good idea to share our thoughts on its features and workflows.

Initially the system was used for recording and playback of off air TV content.  After an upgrade individuals are able to upload their own content and then share that as required.

There are two parts to this feature, first you need to upload your multimedia file, when uploading you are able to choose if you want to restrict access to the file only to users on the UCS network in Ipswich.  To do this select "Local Content" in the publishing options.  Or select "Global" for all UCS users across the network.

Next, make sure you select "Private", this will mean only you have access to the file.  Secondly, if you want others to see the file you need to set the sharing options or you can embed the file straight in to a LearnUCS module.

When sharing, you have a number of options.  You can choose to make the file "Public", which means any UCS users - staff or student - can find the file by browsing the catalogues.   You can also choose to make the file available to only people that you share the link with.  These people will still need to be UCS users, one extra feature is that you can set how long you want that link to work for.  You can choose from the following options:

  • 3 days
  • 5 days
  • 7 days
  • 14 days
  • Always

The first process for this upload procedure is:

  1. Login to eStream
  2. Select "Add Media" from the menu
  3. Browse to the file you want to upload
  4. Complete the fields about the file
  5. Select the publishing policy you require - "Local Content" for access from UCS Ipswich computer only, or "Global" for access from any centre
  6. Make sure you select "PRIVATE" if you want this file to be unavailable to other users
  7. Click "Upload file" to start the upload process
The file will now be uploading and if you have selected "Private" it will only be available to you.

If you now wish to share the file with others, you have two options:
  1. Embed the file straight in to a LearnUCS module, this will make the file available to all users of the module (your students and fellow lectures enrolled on the module)
  2. Select the "Share" options and this will allow you to select how you want to share the file.
    1. The best option is to share the URL, this gives more control
    2. Web Links Option, select the dropdown box and you can choose the time period you would like the file to be available for:
      1. 3 days
      2. 5 days
      3. 7 days
      4. 14 days 
      5. Always
    3. If you select 3 days, the URL you can email to other UCS users would make the link and therefore the file available to them for 3 days.
The screenshot below shows the Web Links Option.

The eStream system will not be suitable for you if you need to share the files with people outside of UCS, as a UCS account is required to access.

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