Thursday, 30 January 2014

LearnUCS and Java 7 Issues

We have become aware of an issue in LearnUCS that is causing issues with certain tool functionality.

The tools are:

  • Multiple Files Upload
  • Virtual Classroom
The issue concerns the use of Java, which is a software plugin that allows additional features to run in the browser.

Sun Microsystem has recently released an upgrade to Java, this update, "Java 7" now has additional security features as previous Java implementations have had security issues.  Java 7 now requires the websites that use it to have additional code to confirm that it is safe to run.

We believe that Blackboard are due to release a patch for the LearnUCS system to enable Java 7 to confirm the security checks soon.

The tools mentioned above still work if you have not upgraded your Java software from version 6.

We will update here once we here back from Blackboard.

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