Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Online Submission, Grading & Return UCS Review

Members of the Elevate Team and Academic Services are undertaking a review of online submission, online marking and online return of student assignments. This builds on the work we undertook a few years ago which led to the creation of a good practice workflow.

The broad aims of the review are to engage with various stakeholders across the institution to assess if the current workflow is appropriate, and where it can be enhanced.

The intended outputs are;
  1. a suggested workflow for managing the e-submission, e-grading and e-return 
  2. creation of appropriate staff and student support and development models
I will endeavour to regularly post about this review as we progress.

Members of the Task & Finish Group, are Andy Ramsden, Aaron Burrell, Faith Hicks and Matthew Hirst.

The intention is for Task & Finish Group to feedback to AMC at the start on June 2014. If you would like any more information, please email Andy Ramdsen (

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