Friday, 30 May 2014

Open Badges Generator Update - Source Code

Following on from our previous post on the Open Badges Generator we have updated our system to include both badge creation and badge issuing components.

We have now written up a small guide to help anyone who would like to implement this elsewhere. The system we have built and documented is still in it's initial pilot/proof of concept phase so expect there to be some discrepancies in the source code.

Here is the link to the guide:

And here is a link to the source code:

This documentation is provided on the basis that the viewer has some technical knowledge of Javascript Syntax, basic Google Apps Script and basic HTML/CSS knowledge.

Over the coming months we will be piloting the issuing of badges using this system for events here at UCS, such as the Annual Court, Teaching & learning Day and the Research Colloquium. These events will allow us to test out both the system and the processes behind issuing the badges from the initial team talk with the event host to the claiming of the badges from the attendees.

We are keen for recipients to participate towards the event in order to be eligible for a badge, not to simply turn up. So we are asking participants to fill in a form (Name, Email) including a small reflective piece (150 words max) maybe about a key message they took from the event or some feedback.

Currently we have a small list of developments we will be looking at for the next iteration of this system, these include but not limited to;

  • Unique ID for each badge issued to allow for row deletion in DB.
  • Option of Expiry Date for issued badges, this will help reinforce a potential 'renewal' process, for example, continuing digital literacies programme.
  • A statistics component to record and show how many of each badge has been issued.

Finally, if you are a member of staff at UCS and would like to discuss how you could use Open Badges please contact us :)

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