Monday, 8 June 2015

Multimedia Management Service (Elevate Team): 2015 [Latest Update]

This is an update post. The original was 19th March, 2015. The need for the update is to bring inline with our reporting schedule.

The Elevate Team allow staff to upload videos to the Elevate Team YouTube channel, for use in teaching, learning and assessment. On occasions the Elevate Team will be involved in the capture and edit of the videos, or we'll simple enable the distribution. This service has been growing over time, and provides an alternative to course teams needing to support their own approach.

The following outlines the use of this service from 1st January 2015, to 31st May 2015.

Total number of videos uploaded: 745
  • Student Presentations: 530 (71%)
  • Student Viva's: 3 (0.4%)
  • Student Role Plays: 94 (13%)
  • Recordings of online events (Hangouts): 5 (0.6%)
  • Screencasts (talk over powerpoints & how to videos): 31 (4%)
  • Staff focussed Learning Objects: 53 (7%)
  • Marketing (external audience): 12 (1.6%)
  • Other: 17 (2.4%)
The Elevate Team are starting a review of how people are using Multimedia in their teaching and learning models to ensure the service we provide is fit for staff needs. For more information, see;

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