Monday, 8 June 2015

The power of the MCQ exam: Optical Mark Reading (OMR) Report 2014-15

The following report is for the OMR in Figures. This year we've not undertaken the survey, as we intended to collected staff stories as a means of promoting the service.
The key changes this year included:
  • Purchasing a license to run from Learning Services. This enhances turn around speeds, and we were able to deliver the processed forms within 2 hours for the Social Work Admissions Test
  • Extending the use of the software and service to support student surveys. This was to support an initiative from Admissions & Marketing
During 2014/15
  • The total number of course teams using the service was 12 (up from 5)
  • The total number of papers set was 20 (up from 17)
  • The total number of answer sheets scanned was 679 (up from 516)
  • Covered course teams in Dept Science and Technology, Dept of Applies Social Science, and Suffolk Business School
Recommendations for 2015/16
  • Be more proactive in promoting the service to course teams across UCS, including the collection of user stories and testimonials

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