Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Exploring feedback options on an iPad: the ShowMe App

We are continuing to look at the potential of small / tablet technologies for staff to efficiently and effectively generate feedback (generic of individual). I've just created a short screen recording from my iPad using the ShowMe App.

My latest creation explores the idea of creating the screencast around a number of images (in this case around 10). Therefore, it is not simply free drawing and audio, but a more structured presentation.

The final product is available from: - and is a walk through of how to create a quiz in Blackboard.

The process was relatively straight forward;

  1. create the screen grabs on the computer (I used Jing on my Mac)

  2. move these images to Dropbox

  3. open the iPad, open Dropbox and save the images to the iPad

  4. open up ShowMe, open up the image

  5. start recording

  6. upload finished recording, and add link (announcement) to the course

The process of adding more than one image was to use the pause button for the recording, clear the whiteboard, open the new image, size it appropriately, and start the recording.

This was all in terms of the creation process. However, there are a few caveats. One is the strength of ShowMe is the simplicity of use, which includes no editing options. This is a potential weakness for the way I combined 10 images in to a linear narrative. You will need to have planned (semi scripted) the session because if you are 10 minutes into the recording and make a serious mistake you will need to start all over again !!

The strength of this solution for the person creating the feedback can do it from the comfort of their sofa - therefore, I didn't have issues with a microphone, computer, managing and converting file types, and saving into the VLE. For me, this overcomes as significant barrier to participation ... as the iPad and ShowMe app overcomes a lot of technology issues.


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