Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Using the ShowMe App for storyboarding learning materials

The Elevate Team are developing a number of talk over screencasts with the intention of developing individuals (staff and student) in the potential use of learning technologies. An issue with these is the design and development time for early iterations, ie., story boards, walk throughs, and opening these up for feedback from various parties before creating the final version.

Traditionally, a large amount of time is involved in creating and publishing early versions using computer based screencast software, such as Camtasia. Therefore, I'm now using the ShowMe app on my iPad as a means of removing the need for a computer (with mic, screencast software) to create and share prototypes etc., For me this provides a significant time saving as I can request make quick changes, and respond to feedback.

The approach is to capture various screens, record and make available as a private recording (only those with url can access it). Once people have accessed the video they can collaborate electronically, or we can review it face to face. An example is available at >> http://www.showme.com/sh/?i=22652 >> this is the basis of our student induction video for Wolsey at UCS. As you can tell, the audio is poor (beware the room you record it in), however, at this stage the focus is more around the overall narrative.

I'd suggest this approach is transferable to other situations where people are collaborating on the creation of screencast learning materials and generic feedback as standalone learning objects. For information, on how you might want to use this, please email us at elevate@ucs.ac.uk


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