Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Capturing lectures, student presentations etc.,

There is a growing interest from staff at UCS around recording their lectures or student presentations. For instance, a recent request is to record student presentations which are to be assessed (by two internal assessors, and an external examiner). This would mean the external examiner would get the opportunity to view it, while student would be enhanced feedback as they can view the comments with their actual presentation. Alternatively, you might want to record a guest lecture and make this available via your Blackboard course.

In practice this is very straight forward, the important part is to manage the files to ensure copies are archived etc., The solution is simple, and based around using equipment available at UCS. Including;

  • Debut Video Capture Software

  • Wireless Lapel Mics

  • YouTube Unlisted Staff Channel

A thing to remember is, ensure you have permission, you have a clear process you are going to follow, file archive in place and have noted down what could go wrong and how you are going to reduce the likelihood of it going wrong.

If you'd like to discuss how we (Elevate) might help you in terms of recording lectures, or student presentations, please contact us, at


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