Monday, 14 November 2011

mobile podcasting from an iPod Touch

The Elevate Blog has recently been exploring many aspects of using the iPad (media tablet) in learning and teaching. One of the requested uses was to capture videos of lab work and discussions for later analysis. This discussion made me think, perhaps people should re-visit the use of an iPod Touch. The advantages being, it is much smaller (so always in your pocket), is much easier to handle as a video recorder than an iPad, links up to YouTube for uploading and offers excellent wi-fi connectivity.

This tool is not only in your back pocket, but it is so easy to use. Interestingly, the management of the files on youtube is the most interesting in terms of developing scaleable solutions. For instance, as a member of staff, or a researcher you might want to create an account a new account on YouTube just for this activity. You can then upload all your work related videos to this area (channel). This will allow you to share you videos (assuming you want to) much easier with people.

So, I'd suggest if capturing video is one of your requirements, you might want to look at the iPod touch, as opposed to an iPad.

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  1. HI, just had a thought about this, which David and I have just tested.

    If you make an audio recording on the device and you want to use it as a podcast, especially as we are looking at a blog to run as a podcasting host that is able to be subscribed to via iTunes and the like.

    We have setup the blog to accept posts via email, so all you would need to do on the device is make a recording and then email it to a "secret" address, this will then be displayed as a post on the blog, but the email attachment will be added as an audio file which then appears in the RSS feed and is downloaded automatically by anyone that has subscribed.

    Truly mobile podcasting.