Friday, 18 November 2011

Remote Docs

Up to recently, I have been relying on dropbox or emailing files to myself as means of getting files from my UCS account onto my iPad.  This has often required advance planning to ensure I have the documents I need at a particular time.

A couple of days ago I thought I would try the RemoteDocs facility available from the useful links section of the Wolsey home page.  On PCs this allows me to download and upload documents from my UCS home directory - a very useful facility when I am working from home.  Accessing this on the iPad through safari has a reduced functionality compared to on a PC - it only allows the downloading of files onto the iPad.  However, this could be very useful when quick unexpected access to a specific file is required.

The interface is simple to use.  However, for some reason only the first 21 characters of filenames are displayed and there is no indication of file types other than the file names (given my habit of naming files fully, this is quite a big issue for me!).

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