Sunday, 30 October 2011

Getting student work onto the IPad for annotation via iAnnotate

I'm continuing to have success with the use of iAnnotate for annotating students electronic work. However, the question needs to be asked, how do you upload the student work onto the iPad, and how do you share the annotated file with your student after you have annotated it?

The answers are very straightforward.


In terms of download, I have used a account. This includes a free iPad app. The process is, I get the students to submit to Blackboard using the Blackboard Assignment Tool. In the gradebook, I find the column associate with the assignment, click on the down arrow, and select Assignment Download File.

This will display a screen where all the submitted assignments can be downloaded in a zip file. After downloading the file I upload it to my file space and double click on the file name. This will unzip the files, and I can access them as individual files via wi-fi on my iPad.


Once I have annotated the files in IAnnotate, I save them back to my account. Then on a desktop computer, I again access the course gradebook and upload individual feedback (the save PDF) for each student.




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