Sunday, 23 October 2011

Elevate Development Sprint: October 2011

As the initial rush of the start of term starts to subside, it is time to unleash David and Aaron on another development sprint, for the week starting the 24th October.

This sprint will focus on further developing our QR Code Quiz Engine, with the hope of getting it in a position so we can share it with other institutions, and across the Learning Network. The main thrust is to enhance the end user functionality, so they can;

  • Create a Quiz

  • See Summary of Quiz

  • Edit the Quiz

  • Run The Quiz

  • See Results of Quiz

  • Create multiple quizzes (Bound to single unique userid)

  • Reset results per quiz

These requirements were collected from a number of sources, including a very successful workshop we ran at the recent ALT C conference at the University of Leeds.

If you have any questions about this development sprint please email us at As with all development sprints, David and Aaron will be off campus, so please ensure al communication comes through the Elevate Team email. We'll update you with the outcomes, the good and the bad :-)

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