Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Showme Ipad App: can now download videos as mp4

As we are rolling out a number of iPad projects around feedback, for which we are including the ShowMe App, I'm glad to say the ShowMe app (web interface) includes a download options. This downloads as an MP4 file. This file can then be uploaded to your YouTube channel. Why do you ask is this important? Well there are a number of reasons, including;

1.  it will allow better integration within Blackboard, compared to the iFrame model ShowMe offers. For instance, if you have created a short video which provides some generic feedback to students. Instead of adding the link to your Wolsey course, you can now embed the video within the course page. I'd suggest this means the student is more likely to watch it.

2. for reducing the risks of using web 2.0 services, especially new ones such as ShowMe, which aren't established. You can now get your creations out in a format which you can re-use in other web based services. This is very important, as it means I can get the the benefits of using ShowMe (which are many), in the knowledge if I have a back up process I'll not lose or be locked in with all my fabulous feedback videos.

If you'd like to know more on how to do the processes involved, please email elevate@ucs.ac.uk

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