Thursday, 29 September 2011

iTune Vouchers for your own iPads

Just following up on the previous post about using the Elevate Team's iTune vouchers (£15.00) each enable you (UCS staff) to buy and reflect on iPad Applications to use in your teaching and learning.

The pilot will work as follows; we'll put out a call (this is the first), where we make upto 5 vouchers available. The expectation is, you will keep a log of observations (using a wordpress blog), and be prepared to present a short sessions (10 minutes, 10 slides) at an event of uses of tablet devices in learning and teaching at UCS. This will be sometime in December, 2011. There are two applications you will be expected to explore, these are the ShowMe, and Iannotate PDF. Apart from this, the rest of the voucher (about £10.00) is yours to spend on applications which are appropriate to you.

To apply, please email (assuming you are a UCS staff member, directly involved in Teaching), outlining how you are expecting to use the iPad in your teaching, which application you have identified, and agreeing to complete the reflection and observations.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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