Tuesday, 20 September 2011

*Resolved* RSS Error in Wolsey Assessments Folder

Status: Resolved

Fix: Not required, fixed at system level



We have become aware of a problem within the "Assessments" folder on all Wolsey modules.

Issue: The 2011 modules template included an RSS feed that pulls all the Online Submission FAQ information from the UCS FAQ Engine.

Description: This is a dynamic link that loads the RSS feed when the Assessments folder is viewed, we are currently experiencing an error that states there was no data found, as show below:

RSS Error Image

We believe the problem is linked to the maintenance work carried out on the FAQ Engine on Friday 16th September, when the system was offline all day for maintenance, it appears the RSS feed has been cached by Wolsey when there was no data available.

Status: Open - Elevate Investigating

Fix: Currently no fix

Work-around: Re-enter the javascript code to reload the feeds


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