Monday, 19 September 2011

A role for the Elevate Team within the Student Charter

The UCS Student Charter has just been released, and is available from:

Even though the Elevate Team is  focused on Staff Development, we still have an important role to play in ensuring the Student Charter is delivered at UCS. For instance, we have a direct role in;

  • regular continuing professional development for its staff. Through the provision of generic workshops, having team members based on Schools & Divisions, and the provision of online, just in time learning materials.

The focus of these will be influenced by the Student Charter, NSS actions plans etc., The topics will be around enhancing the quality of our teaching through appropriate technologies, and feedback and assessment.

In response to the Student Charter, we'll also be providing more FAQs ( around both the institutional owned software, and providing more direct student support on the effective use of non-institutional owned software, such as ways of effectively using web 2.0 technologies to assist in the promote effective independent learners.

If you'd like to discuss how the Elevate Tea can help you in terms of the Student Charter and your NSS action plans, please contact us via

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