Friday, 9 September 2011

A sea change in using QR Codes

The School of Arts & Humanities have just finished the Waterline Exhibition in the UCS Waterfront Gallery (see It was very interesting to observer the extended use of QR Codes in the Exhibition Catalogue. Throughout the printed material there where a number of QR Codes linking to individual artists web sites (see below), the UCS School of Arts & Humanities and the Exhibition material.

A couple of observations for others to think about when thinking through how they would use QR Codes, are;

  1. there wasn't any QR Codes in the exhibition space, so you couldn't stand next to an exhibit and scan the code, you'd need to scan this from the catalogue.

  2. the catalogue included a section on explaining the QR Codes, however, there was no link or reference to how to install the QR Code Reader on your phone

  3. the QR Codes where very large, so it would be better to use a short url service

  4. the QR Codes linked to various web sites, some of which would display better than others

I'd suggest trying to address these for the next time would enhance the user experience, and encourage people to scan the codes. That said, there are lots of positives, this is being driven by them and not the Elevate Team, and a quick look at the logs does indicate some have been scanned :-)

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