Monday, 26 September 2011

Elevate supporting iPad (tablet) projects at UCS

Recently, Andrew Revitt via the ILTS fund purchased three iPad2’s for exploration in Teaching and Learning at UCS. These have been passed to the Elevate Team to manage the loan and coordinate the projects.The aims for us is to explore how the iPad can be used  to enhance the assessment and feedback process at UCS. Therefore, the support we’ll be providing will focus on promoting the use around this area.

The model will be based around using a few applications, and adopting a cloud computing approach. As opposed to a desktop replacement / extension model. So applications we’ll be supporting and recommending are;

  • File storage: Dropbox

  • Notetaking: Wordpress or Evernote

  • Word Documents: OfficeHD or Google Docs

  • Presentational: KeyNote

  • Annotation Tools: ShowMe & iAnnotate PDF

  • Mind Map: iThoughtsHD

  • Video Distribution: YouTube (unlisted channel)

A second wave of projects will be to support those who already own an iPad, but we’ll provide iTune vouchers to purchase the following software (or very similar):

  • ShowMe

  • iAnnotate PDF

The role of the Elevate Team is to support the assessment and feedback agenda and not the iPad per se. Therefore, we’ll not be over technical support, or suggesting applications outside those mentioned above.We will also run a number of session during the academic year, which will disseminate and share how people have been using tablet technology in their teaching and learning. We will also be running a number of short sessions around achieving certain common tasks.

So, what about those who are not using Apple based devices? We’ll we’ve a number of Android devices available, so please contact us about those.

To find out how you can get involved in these projects, please email us at

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