Tuesday, 6 September 2011

QR Code Quiz Engine ... Well received at ALT C

I'm currently at ALT C (association of learning technologists conference) where I was presenting as part of the JISC workshop to launch "Emerging Practice in a Digital Age - A guide to technology enhanced institutional innovation", which UCS is a case study under the theme of moving thinks forwarded.

See http://www.jisc.ac.uk/media/documents/programmes/elearning/digiemerge/8_JISC_EmPDA_UCS.pdf

As part of the session I ran today, I set a location aware learning activity where they would be exploring coastal processes as part of a field trip. This would involve the member of staff placing a number of QR Code around a location which linked to multiple multiple choice questions around the processes they would be seeing (long shore drift, coastal erosion, wave types). They would complete these on teams. Their responses would be stored on the server. The feedback they would get in the location would be a link to a YouTube video which explained the appropriate process.

On return to the study centre the session leader would run a feedback session, drawing upon a new reporting developed by David and Aaron. So not only can we see the total scores, but we can access a web page for the dynamic responses by question (number of correct answers, total submitted attempts). This will enable the staff member to identify and prioritise the questions teams where having wrong.


I'd suggest the inclusion of this report closes the feedback loops, and ensures the activity meets the principles of good feedback, outlined by Nicole & macFarlane-Dick (2006).

Interestingly, there was a lot of interest around the development and deployment of qr code formative assessments. The audience was particularly impressed when they released you could simply steer the QR Code to URL of quiz engine, such as quiz in Moodle or Blackboard :-)

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