Monday, 24 October 2011

Getting going with the iPad

I have had my own iPad for a while and mostly so far have been using it for personal organisation at work. This mostly involves using Gmail, Google calendar and syncing with the iPad over the wifi at UCS which works fine. For a ToDo list I used to use Evernote but have since migrated to Wunderlist which I now have on phone, home PC, macbook and iPad. Very simple interface and organises things well into categories. Also emails you each day with what is due to be finished that day (also free).

I usually try and use a textbook & pen/paper when doing anatomy and physiology tutorials with students, but thought I would give the iPad a go. I used the DK Human Body app (£9.99) which is a good app which covers the basics of all the systems (inclidea information and on each system). The students I used it with liked the visual nature of the app, but it was quite restrictive when you wanted to explore a particular area of physiology in more depth, as the options were limited. Nothing above a laptop except portability. However, we started to use the YouTube app to look at heart sounds and ascultation and together we found some great videos. The students were quite happy to pass the iPad around and search together with no tutorial from me. Very simple interface. Like the portability here. Certainly not going to replace the in depth nature of text books to answer questions, but good to bring aspects of physiology alive.

Used the Garageband to record audio for a podcast, but it has a limit on how long each audio section can be recorded for which I did not realise and lost most of the recording! However, have since downloaded a couple of audio apps to try and record podcasts. The garageband does allow you to edit podcasts pretty well, but does not output in mp3, so you do have to convert unless happy to upload in mp4 format.

Next on the list to try is the ShowMe App.

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